Hibiki 17 Limited Edition: Shiki Kacho – Collectable Whisky


Suntory are one of the founding fathers of Japanese whisky, established by Shinjirō Torii in 1899 as a wine store in Osaka. The venture was hugely successful, and the company was renamed Kotobukiya in 1921, which built its first distillery three years later, Yamazaki. The distillery produced both malt and grain whiskies which the company blended together, releasing its first Suntory White Label in 1929, the resulting popularity of which saw the firm renamed after it 1963. Expansion in the next decade saw the company move its grain production to a new Chita distillery in 1972, and open a second malt distillery, Hakushu, the following year. Suntory today has a large stake in both the bourbon and Scotch whisky industry, but remains at the forefront of its native whisky market too.

This is Suntory’s most popular blend, the Hibiki. Launched in 1989, it contains malt whisky from Yamazaki and Hakushu, and grain from the Chita distillery. The 17 year old was joined in the original lineup by a 21 year old and a non-age statement. The latter both still exist in one form or another, but this expression was discontinued in 2018 after unprecedented demand for Japanese whiskies created wholesale stock shortages within even its largest companies.

Shiki Kacho was the first ever limited edition Hibiki 17 year old. It was released in 2010, predating both the sought-after Phoenix and Egret editions, and the rarest of the three.



Hibiki 17 Limited Edition: Shiki Kacho – Collectable Whisky

Hibiki 17 Limited Edition: Shiki Kacho – Collectable Whisky, an exquisitely crafted Japanese whisky that transcends the boundaries of traditional spirits. This limited release from the esteemed Suntory distillery is a celebration of both time-honored craftsmanship and the artistic beauty found in the changing seasons.

The visual presentation of the Shiki Kacho edition is a testament to the meticulous detail embedded in every facet. Adorning the label are intricate depictions of the Shiki Kacho, elegantly capturing the essence of the “Four Seasons” bird and flower prints. Each element on the label symbolizes a specific season, creating a visual narrative that harmonizes with the whisky’s nuanced flavor profile.

Matured for a remarkable 17 years, the liquid inside reflects the expertise of Suntory’s master blenders. The aging process, coupled with the inclusion of Mizunara oak casks, imparts a distinctive spiciness and complexity. On the palate, a symphony of flavors unfolds, from the initial notes of floral delicacy to the interplay of honeyed sweetness and the lingering warmth of oak.

What sets the Hibiki 17 Limited Edition: Shiki Kacho apart is not only its age statement but its collectability. As a limited-edition release, it beckons both seasoned collectors and enthusiasts to acquire a piece of Japanese whisky history. The interplay between the rare spirit inside and the artistic label creates a holistic experience that extends beyond the act of tasting.

In conclusion, Hibiki 17 Limited Edition: Shiki Kacho is a rare gem that invites you to immerse yourself in the beauty of Japanese whisky culture. Its distinctive flavor profile, coupled with the limited availability and collectable label, positions it as a coveted masterpiece. For those seeking an extraordinary fusion of art, nature, and exceptional whisky, Shiki Kacho invites you to savor the richness and elegance of this unique Japanese spirit.


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