Hibiki 17 Year Old Mount Fuji – Limited Edition



Age 11-20
Bottle size 700 ml
Box Yes
Distillery Hibiki
Distillery status Open
Region Asian
Whisky Blend


Hibiki 17 Year Old Mount Fuji – Limited Edition

Experience the pinnacle of Japanese whisky artistry with the Hibiki 17 Year Old Mount Fuji – Limited Edition, a rare gem that pays homage to the iconic Mount Fuji. Crafted by the revered Suntory distillery, this expression is not just a beverage; it’s a visual and sensory masterpiece that captures the essence of Japan’s highest peak.

Visually captivating, the bottle of Hibiki 17 Year Old Mount Fuji is a true work of art. The silhouette of Mount Fuji against a radiant sunrise backdrop graces the label, symbolizing the majestic beauty of the Japanese landscape. The liquid inside, aged for 17 years, reflects the expertise and dedication that define Suntory’s commitment to excellence.

Curated by Suntory’s master blenders, each sip of the Hibiki 17 Year Old Mount Fuji unfolds a symphony of flavors. From the initial burst of honeyed sweetness to the nuanced layers of dried fruits and the subtle Mizunara oak spiciness, the palate is treated to a journey of exquisite tastes. The extended maturation process ensures a depth that sets Hibiki apart in the world of Japanese whisky.

What makes the Hibiki 17 Year Old Mount Fuji truly exceptional is its limited edition status. A collector’s delight, it appeals to enthusiasts seeking not only exceptional taste but also a visually stunning addition to their collection. The bottle transforms into a symbolic artifact, encapsulating the spirit of Mount Fuji and the unmatched craftsmanship synonymous with Suntory.

In summary, this bottle is a crowning achievement in Japanese whisky.


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