Hibiki 17 Year Old – Second Edition Box


Age 11-20
Bottle size 700 ml
Box Yes
Distillery Hibiki
Distillery status Open
Region Asian
Whisky Blend


Hibiki 17 Year Old – Second Edition Box

Indulge in the allure of the Hibiki 17 Year Old – Second Edition Box, a sought-after gem that transcends the boundaries of Japanese whisky craftsmanship. This exquisite release not only encapsulates the sophistication of Hibiki but also presents itself as a collector’s dream, housed in a meticulously designed box that adds an extra layer of luxury to the whisky experience.

Visually, the Second Edition Box is a testament to attention to detail. The amber elixir within, aged for 17 years, is encased in an impeccably crafted box that complements the liquid’s richness. Adorned with the iconic Japanese symbols found on Hibiki labels, the box is a work of art that pays homage to the cultural heritage embedded in each bottle.

Crafted by Suntory’s master blenders, the Hibiki 17 Year Old delivers a sensory journey that’s both refined and complex. With initial notes of honeyed sweetness, dried fruits, and a hint of Mizunara oak spiciness, each sip is a harmonious dance of flavors that lingers on the palate. The extended aging process ensures a depth that sets Hibiki apart in the world of Japanese whisky.

What distinguishes this bottle is not just its age statement but its collectability. A limited release, it caters to whisky connoisseurs and collectors seeking both exceptional taste and a visually stunning addition to their collections. The box transforms the bottle into a coveted treasure, symbolizing the legacy and precision synonymous with Suntory.

In conclusion, the Hibiki 17 Year Old – Second Edition Box is more than a whisky; it’s an immersive experience.


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