Hibiki 2021 Limited Edition


The 2021 limited edition bottle design of Hibiki Japanese Harmony pays tribute to the Ryusui-Hyakka (One-Hundred Flowers and Flowing Water). The design motif epitomizes the cyclical passage of time, showcasing the blossoms of the Japanese twenty-four seasons juxtaposed with the ever-changing flow of water that connects one passing season to another. We celebrate the much-loved blooms, colors and shapes of seasonal flowers that make the Japanese year so special. Each blossom is an exquisite, delicate creation evoking treasured memories, sensory pleasures and emotions.



Hibiki 2021 Limited Edition

Unveiling the Hibiki 2021 Limited Edition, a triumph in the realm of Japanese whisky that beckons connoisseurs into a world of unparalleled sophistication. This exclusive release is a testament to Suntory’s unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, presenting not just a drink but an orchestrated masterpiece of flavor.

Visually captivating, the Hibiki 2021 Limited Edition resides in a meticulously designed bottle adorned with Japanese motifs. This aesthetic nod reflects the deep cultural roots embedded in every drop, showcasing the artistry and precision synonymous with the Suntory name. The liquid within, aged to perfection, mirrors the culmination of decades of expertise and dedication to the craft.

Curated by Suntory’s master blenders, each element of the this bottle is a meticulous stroke in a grand composition. From the initial burst of honeyed sweetness to the intricate interplay of floral and fruity nuances, the palate is treated to a sensory symphony. This blend, a harmonious marriage of various aged malt and grain whiskies, exemplifies the complexity and depth that defines the Hibiki legacy.

What truly distinguishes this bottle is its exclusivity. The bottle transforms into a coveted artifact, encapsulating the ongoing legacy and innovation of Suntory’s whisky craftsmanship.

In conclusion

This bottles tands as a beacon of Japanese whisky excellence. Its distinctive flavor profile, coupled with limited availability, positions it as an extraordinary gem in the realm of collectible spirits.


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