Hibiki 21 Year Old


Age 21-30
Bottle size 700 ml
Bottle strength 43%
Box Yes
Distillery Hibiki
Distillery status Open
Region Asian
Whisky Blend


Hibiki 21 Year Old

Dive into the epitome of Japanese whisky craftsmanship with the Hibiki 21 Year Old, a rare expression from the revered Suntory distillery.

Visually, the Hibiki 21 Year Old is a radiant amber elixir housed in a meticulously designed bottle, a testament to the decades it spent maturing. Adorned with intricate Japanese motifs, the label speaks to the cultural depth and artistry within each precious drop.

Curated by Suntory’s master blenders, this whisky Year Old promises an exploration of taste that evolves with every sip. The initial sensations of honeyed sweetness seamlessly intertwine with the richness of ripe fruits and a subtle dance of Mizunara oak spiciness, creating a harmonious complexity that lingers on the palate. The prolonged aging process infuses a profound depth, making each sip a celebration of time-honored craftsmanship.

This exceptional expression of this bottle stands out not just for its age statement but for its rarity. A gem sought by enthusiasts and collectors alike, it embodies the pinnacle of Japanese whisky excellence.

In summary, Hibiki 21 Year Old is a liquid odyssey, an embodiment of time, culture, and unparalleled expertise.


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