Hibiki 30 Gold – Limited Edition


Age 21-30
Bottle size 700 ml
Box Yes
Distillery Hibiki
Distillery status Open
Region Asian
Whisky Blend


Hibiki 30 Gold – Limited Edition

Step into the realm of unparalleled luxury with the Hibiki 30 Gold – Limited Edition, a masterful creation from the illustrious Suntory distillery. This limited release, a mere whisper in the world of whisky, epitomizes the zenith of Japanese craftsmanship and unfolds a tale of three decades encapsulated in a bottle.

The visual presentation of the Hibiki 30 Gold is nothing short of regal. Encased in a meticulously crafted bottle, the liquid within, aged for an impressive 30 years, glistens like liquid gold. The label, adorned with intricate gold accents, pays homage to the exclusivity and prestige that defines this limited edition expression.

Curated by Suntory’s venerable master blenders, each sip of Hibiki 30 Gold is a sensorial journey through time. The palate is greeted with an opulent medley of flavors – from the initial notes of luscious dried fruits and honey to the nuanced dance of Mizunara oak spiciness. The extended aging process imparts a rare depth and sophistication that only time can bestow.

What sets the Hibiki 30 Gold apart is not just its age statement but its rarity. As a limited edition offering, it beckons to whisky aficionados and collectors in search of the epitome of Japanese whisky excellence. This exclusivity transforms the bottle into more than a beverage; it becomes a coveted treasure for those who appreciate the finest in whisky alchemy.



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