Hibiki 35 Years Old Arita Kutani 2017 Ceramic Decante


This bottle was released for the year 2017 wherein the celebration of Japan Porcelain 400th Birth Anniversary takes place. There were only 150 of these bottles produced, and they’re not easy to find. .It is a tribute to the tradition of the Japanese ancestors to keep the beauty of Japan Artistry forever. The flowery illustration in the ceramic decanter means graceful and delicate. Handmade Arita Ceramic decanter delicately crafted by a famous Japanese artist.



Hibiki 35 Years Old Arita Kutani 2017 Ceramic Decante

Hibiki 35 Years Old Arita Kutani 2017 Ceramic Decante is a treasure trove for collectors and connoisseurs of Japanese whisky. This limited-edition release is a splendid representation of Suntory’s commitment to craftsmanship, tradition, and innovation.

The presentation of this whisky is a visual marvel. The ceramic decanter, adorned with intricate Arita Kutani porcelain, showcases the fusion of Japanese artistry with the excellence of aged whisky. The meticulous design pays homage to both the delicate ceramic traditions and the art of whisky-making.

Within this exquisite vessel lies a whisky that has matured for 35 years in carefully selected oak casks. The deep amber hue is a testament to Suntory’s dedication to using only the finest natural ingredients, ensuring that the whisky retains its natural colors and flavors without any artificial additives.

Savoring Hibiki 35 Years Old Arita Kutani is an experience of sheer luxury. The palate is graced with a symphony of flavors, from rich honey and dried fruit to gentle spices and oak notes. It’s a whisky that captures the essence of Japanese craftsmanship, offering a tasting experience that is both complex and elegant.

What sets this limited edition apart is its rarity and exclusivity. With only a limited number of bottles available, it’s a collector’s dream and a prized possession for those who appreciate the art of whisky. The combination of an exquisite ceramic decanter and a 35-year-old whisky makes it an extraordinary find for whisky enthusiasts.

In conclusion

This is more than just whisky; it’s a blend of art, tradition, and whisky excellence.


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