Karuizawa 1981 Cask #103




Karuizawa 1981 Cask #103

Karuizawa 1981 Cask #103 is a highly sought-after and revered Japanese single malt whisky that holds a special place in the hearts of whisky connoisseurs and collectors worldwide. Produced at the now-closed Karuizawa distillery, this expression represents a piece of whisky history, known for its exceptional quality and rarity.

The Karuizawa distillery, nestled in the Japanese Alps, was celebrated for its traditional methods and commitment to producing fine whisky. Cask #103, distilled in 1981, is a testament to the distillery’s craftsmanship and expertise, and it has become a legendary bottling among enthusiasts.

This whisky offers a deep, rich amber hue that’s indicative of its long maturation. The influence of the sherry-seasoned oak cask is evident, infusing the whisky with a symphony of flavors.

The sherry influence is prominent, contributing a delightful sweetness with hints of raisins and toffee.

The Karuizawa distillery ceased production in 2000, making its remaining stocks extremely limited and highly sought after by collectors and aficionados. Each bottle is a piece of history and a glimpse into a bygone era of Japanese whisky production.

Its rich flavor profile, natural color, and exclusivity make it a prized addition to any whisky collection.


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