Macallan Classic Cut – 2019 Edition


The Macallan Classic Cut – 2019 Edition is the third edition in the limited annual series that celebrate our ongoing commitment to seek out the extraordinary and in doing so, create whiskies of unique character. This exceptional single malt offers a dominant sweetness and balanced flavours, realised through its slightly higher ABV of 52.9%.


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Macallan Classic Cut – 2019 Edition

Step into a world of unparalleled richness with the Macallan Classic Cut – 2019 Edition, a true masterpiece that reflects the distillery’s dedication to precision and flavor mastery. This limited edition release, part of Macallan’s annual series, invites whisky enthusiasts on a journey of discovery, unlocking a symphony of flavors that define sophistication.

At the heart of the Classic Cut – 2019 Edition lies a meticulous cask selection, showcasing Macallan’s commitment to crafting exceptional single malts. Bottled at a robust 52.9% ABV, this expression delivers a full-bodied and intense tasting experience, allowing enthusiasts to savor the spirit in its purest form.

Immerse yourself in a palate that unfolds like a rich tapestry—notes of dried fruits, vanilla, and a subtle hint of ginger dance on the taste buds. The oak imparts its warmth, while the sherry-seasoned casks lend a depth of character that sets Macallan apart. Each sip is a celebration of craftsmanship, a testament to the distillery’s legacy.

As a limited release, the Classic Cut – 2019 Edition is a collector’s dream. The annual unveiling of a new edition adds to its allure, making it a sought-after addition to any whisky connoisseur’s collection.

Whether enjoyed neat or with a drop of water to unlock new dimensions, the Macallan Classic Cut – 2019 Edition promises a sensory adventure. It’s an invitation to explore the world of Macallan, where every bottle is a testament to the art of whisky making. Secure your bottle and embark on a journey of sophistication and craftsmanship with this exceptional expression from Macallan.


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