Macallan Double Cask 30 Years Old


Double Cask 30 Years Old, 2022 Release

A special whisky to be savoured, with a rich, complex flavour profile and notes of ginger and vanilla.

  • Colour

    Golden acorn and 100% natural

  • Aroma

    Fresh honeycomb, sweet toffee, red apple, fig and vanilla pod

  • Palate

    A smooth melody of cinnamon, ginger, Madagascan vanilla, dried fruits and oak

  • Finish

    Sweet oak, soft spice and toffee

  • ABV



Macallan Double Cask 30 Years Old

Macallan Double Cask 30 Years Old is a masterpiece of single malt Scotch whisky, representing the culmination of three decades of meticulous maturation. As part of The Macallan’s Double Cask series, this expression perfectly balances the influence of two different types of oak casks to create a whisky that is rich in depth and complexity.

This remarkable whisky pours a deep amber hue, a testament to the extended aging process in a combination of American and European oak casks. The Macallan’s commitment to purity is unwavering, with no artificial additives used, allowing the natural colors and flavors to shine.

Sipping this bottle is a sensory journey through a world of maturity and complexity. The palate is graced with an array of flavors, from velvety vanilla and dried fruits to the intricate interplay of oak and spices. The three decades of maturation have allowed these flavors to meld into a symphony that is both sophisticated and satisfying.

What sets Macallan Double Cask 30 Years Old apart is the careful selection of oak casks and the art of blending them to achieve the perfect balance. The American oak casks infuse the whisky with a sweet and creamy character, while the European oak sherry-seasoned casks provide depth and complexity. The result is a well-rounded and harmonious single malt Scotch whisky.

In summary, Macallan Double Cask 30 Years Old is more than just whisky; it’s a testament to the art of maturation and blending. Its distinctive flavor profile, natural color, and the meticulous aging process make it a prized addition to the world of fine spirits. Whether you’re a seasoned whisky enthusiast or a newcomer, this expression offers an extraordinary opportunity to explore the intricate and flavorful world of Macallan whisky.


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