The Macallan Red Collection 71 Years Old


  • Colour

    Burnished Copper

  • Nose

    A sweet and spicy opening with Wood spices, soft ginger, nutmeg and orange peel moving into rich vanilla reminiscent of a crème brulee.  There are underlying notes of honeydew melon and fig.

  • Palate

    The sweet and spicy characteristics continue on the palate with a sweet ginger sponge moving into the creamy vanilla flavours of a baked custard tart. Finally moving into a combination of  lapsang souchong and treacle tart.

  • Finish

    A medium finish rich in  Wood smoke, peach and hazelnut

  • ABV



The Macallan Red Collection 71 Years Old

Unveiling The Macallan Red Collection 71 Years Old, a whisky that stands as a testament to the intersection of time, artistry, and the pursuit of liquid perfection. Beyond being a mere spirit, it’s an embodiment of The Macallan’s unwavering commitment to excellence and its legacy of crafting unparalleled Scotch whisky.

Chronicle of Maturation for The Macallan Red Collection 71 Years Old:

Matured for an astounding 71 years, this single malt Scotch whisky has weathered the ages, absorbing the essence of its surroundings. The lengthy maturation process imparts a profound depth of character, infusing the whisky with a rich tapestry of flavors that reflect the journey it undertook within the cask.

**Flavor Profile Extravaganza:**
Upon tasting, one is greeted with a symphony of flavors—a harmonious blend of dark chocolate, intricately spiced notes, and the subtle embrace of well-aged oak. The Red Collection 71 Years Old is not just a whisky; it’s an exploration of taste, inviting enthusiasts to savor the complexity and nuance derived from over seven decades of maturation.

**Exquisite Craftsmanship in Crystal:**
Presented in a bespoke Lalique crystal decanter, the Red Collection 71 Years Old is a work of art in itself. The decanter’s meticulous design mirrors the sophistication of the liquid it cradles.



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